Hunsrück nature photography days 2013

The program of 10. Hunsrück nature photography days (22. to 24. February 2013) ist online. It includes 11 interesting lectures, 2 Seminars and a flash workshop. Tickets and seats provided for seminars and workshops can be ordered now. (Photo: Winfried Wisniewski)
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Calendar: Natural treasures of Hunsrück 2013

Kalender: Naturschätze des Hunsrücks 2013Time for Christmas is the calendar “Natural treasures of Hunsrück 2013″ appeared, by Hans-Martin wants to promote the establishment of a national park in the high forest. Continue reading

Dual success at the competition highlights

Berggorilla, RuandaWhile the 14. International Nature Photo Fürstenfelder days Carsten got two awards in the competition “Highlights in 2012″ awarded. In the category of mammals was the portrait of a mountain gorilla recognized as highlight. Another highlight was the photo of a heron fishing in Canada, the birds category awards.
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The Stromboli volcano

Vulkan Stromboli, Italien, vulcano Stromboli, ItalyMore 300 m and I arrived at my destination, Carsten thinks, when he is traveling on the road to the Mediterranean island of Stromboli in southern Italy. But unfortunately, the ship can not land because of stormy weather and heavy seas and driving slowly past the island instead. After two days of enforced stay in Sicily Carsten comes after another turbulent crossing finally on the volcanic island of Stromboli. Continue reading

Heron attacks white stork

Graureiher im FlugHerons begin their nest building in late February with most other breeding pairs in a colony. Troublemakers, approaching the nest during the breeding season, be vigorously marketed and. Continue reading

People Utans

Orang Utan, IndonesienEnd 2011 Carsten was photographing in the rain forest of Indonesia for orangutans. In the streets- and roadless National Park Tanjung Puting in Borneo, he was traveling with a small houseboat. Continue reading

Stags in the Hunsrück

RothirschAt the end of the rutting season had great luck Hans-Martin. He lived in Idarwald the bustle of the red deer rut interesting up close. After being photographed in recent years, the deer rutting season in Denmark and Holland, should the native occurrence of these proud animals are photographed in this year. Continue reading

Bat-book publisher in Esslingen

In the Esslinger Verlag will publish a children's book “The bat”, included in the photos of some bat Carsten are.