Carsten Braun Carsten Braun
Hans-Martin Braun Hans-Martin Braun

Carsten, 1974 born in Idar-Oberstein, in his childhood spent much time in nature. At the age of 15 Years, he slept with his first photographic equipment, and accompanied his father on his photo tours. After successful completion of a biology degree, he is now working as a biologist.

Photo tours have taken him through much of Europe, but also to America, Africa and Asia. His images appear in German and international magazines, Books and calendars. Previously, he published the following books: "Hunsrück - Nahe and Moselle between nature experience", "Natural beauty in Rhineland-Palatinate", and "natural park Saar-Hunsrück – Silent Beauty ".

Some of his images were u. a. awarded in the following competitions: „Wildlife Photographer of the Year“, „Nature’s Best International Award“, "Highlights" and "Nature Treasures in Europe".

Hans-Martin Braun, 1952 Born in the Hunsrück, managed to 1971 a first photographic equipment to. Initially, he found his photographic subjects in the family. But soon, this is no longer satisfied him and he took the camera out with you more often noted in the nature around here seen in the picture. From this developed over time as the work of nature photographer, which he now pursues with a passion for many years. Hundreds of his paintings are now in newspapers, Been published in books and calendars.
Main research areas are natural areas of their immediate surroundings. Hunsrück, Near- Moselle Valley and a variety of interesting subjects have ready for him. The focus of his photography trips are the countries of Scandinavia, where he can track down in quiet and remote regions of his motives.
Since 1991 He is a full member of the Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT). In the GDT, he worked for several years as a board member and eleven years with the leadership of the Regional Group VI (Hesse-Palatinate, Saarland) entrusted.
As the initiator and organizer of the Hunsrück nature photography days he has been organizing 2004 Every year this event, to which he gets the best German wildlife photographers in the Hunsrück.

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