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Yearbook 2010 Association of the Hunsrück

The Hunsrück Association adorns the cover of his yearbook 2010 with a wild cat photo by Hans-Martin.

Calendar 2010 The Conservation Foundation

The Conservation Foundation's Rhineland-Palatinate for the year 2010 a wall calendar with natural monuments of Rhineland-Palatinate out. Eight months pictures and the cover photo of Hans-Martin.

Information boards Wildpark Castle

The outdoor enclosure castle was wild with over 100 New information boards equipped. Not only all the photos and texts are written by Hans-Martin, the panels and their supporting structure were designed and produced by Hans-Martin.

Bookmark Calendar

The cross-publishing is a bookmark calendar for the year 2009 out with photos of Hans-Martin and texts by Jörg Zink.

Articles in Nature Photography

Die Zeitschrift Naturfoto veröffentlicht Carstens Artikel “Bird Photography in the home garden” in the output 12/2008.

Flamingos in “A heart for animals”

The magazine “A heart for animals” published in the issue 09/2008 an article about flamingos, which was illustrated with photographs by Carsten.

Articles in Digitalphoto

Die Zeitschrift Digitalphoto veröffentlicht den Artikel “Bird Photography in the Garden” Carsten in the output 5/2008.